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Uploading Files To Webserver
Actually we can divide them into two major methods;
1. Making Website Using Wizard.
2. Making Website Yourself.
Now if you have designed your website through the wizard then this page is not for you, Why? This is because the webservers which provide you with wizards designer also host your website themselves. But if you have made your pages your self using editor or html or by page templates then I would like to guide you about uploading your website files on webservers. First let me list some webservers which gives free webspace to its users to upload files:
1. http://www.free-webhosts.com
2. http://www.bravenet.com/webhosting/freehosting.php
3. http://www.50megs.com
4. http://geocities.yahoo.com
5. http://www.absolutely-free- hosting.c...e_hosts_01.php
6. http://www.freeservers.com
Now what you have to do is to create an account in any of them and you will have a limited but enough space to upload your files. After signing in to the account, open the File Manager in your account. There you will see that you have option to upload, delete and modify files and also you have option to create and delete directories. A directory is another name for Folder. Folder and directories are the same word in computer language. What you have to do here is to upload all the files in the same manner as you have placed them in your hard disk. For example you have placed your image files in a directory/folder named Images, now create a folder Images on your webserver account and upload the image files there.
And similarly in the root/parent directory place the index file. Keep in mind that when you prepare a website, the index file should be in the first directory. First directory is the easy translation of root or parent directory. For example; assuming you created a folder mainFolder and place all the files and folders under this folder, mainFolder can be called the root directory of your website but keep in mind that when you start uploading files, don't create another mainFolder folder on the webserver. But upload all the files and folders in the folder ofmainFolder.
Domain Name Of The Website
A domain name should be easy to remember and descriptive, all the website which provide free webspace also provide you domain name. For example; assuming you created a xtgem.com site and you dont like the xtgem domain then you can choose a domain name to redirect. Some website provide good domain names for free but dont give any webspace. So what you have to do is to upload your files on different website and take domain name from any free domain name provider and signup for their account. Some Will Request For IP and DNS servers while some will ask your previous website address and provide you a new address for your website, now your files are stored on the same website but your website has a new name now.
Here is a list of website who provide free domain name.
1. http://www.freedomain.co.nr
2. http://www.dot.tk
3. http://www.v3.com
Website Marketing
Well you can attract users by some marketing techniques which are free of cost.
1. Search Engine Submission : There are many websites which submit your website to major search engines for free. The list of such websites include;
1. http://www.submitexpress.com
2. http://www.addme.com
3. http://www.addpro.com/submit30.html
4. http://www.freewebsubmission.com
2. Forums And Communities :Join famous forums and communities which allow users to display their personal websites on their posts.
3. News Letter : Create your own newsletter for your website and post updates of your websites in the newsletter. Yahoo group is a good free news letter available for this purpose.
4. Real Life Ads : Place small banners of your website in your university or school or any public place, even if you can do it in a net cafe.
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